Yash Poddar

Yash Poddar

Technology for adults: iphone, laptop, ipad, apps

Different classes for ages 30+, 50+ & 70+

Small Batches


Helping adults get comfortable in using technology

Whether it be managing your mobile memory, backing up data on cloud or using apps like Uber, Amazon, Youtube or Saavn - Yash believes it's important to help adults get up to speed with everyday technology. Whether it be mobile phones, popular applications, or laptops - he tries to simplify concepts to adults to help them adopt these tools in their everyday lives.

Hands-on, practical, patient & often teaches in Hindi

Rather than keeping the class theoretical, Yash trains his students to start using applications from the first class itself. He is extremely patient in his approach. He encourages students to 'do-it-yourself' & helps them navigate their difficulties during class. Very often adults are more comfortable with Hindi rather than English; Yash does an excellent job in teaching students concepts in their own words giving examples that help them understand better!


Here are some key features of Yash Poddar's classes

Conducts Doubt Clearing Sessions


Bachelor in Economics & Master in Public Policy from Stanford University

Yash's love for technology stems from his time in college, which is in the heart of the the silicon valley in USA. Having spent 7 years in the Bay Area seeing companies like Google, Facebook & Apple grow, he really wishes to help bridge the tech-divide not just between countries but also between generations!

1st year as a part-time teacher

Although Yash would love to teach tech literacy classes to adults all day, he is also responsible for helping run Openhouse on a day to day basis. Nonetheless, he is extremely passionate about this subject & he tries to take out a couple of hours each week. His first student was his mother who he helped get tech-savvy, while he was living in the US :)

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