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Sonali Nahata Maam

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Sonali Nahata is a BA graduate from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. She went on to pursue B.Ed and MA from Calcutta University, after completion of which she founded Curious Minds. The main aim of Curious Minds is building the all-round awareness of a child. The focus is not towards school education, but an overall macro perspective of the world around us. This helps develop the curiosity of the child, which is the foundation of all effective learning, whether it be at school, or later on in life in higher education. The tools that she uses to inculcate curiosity in a child are ▪Building general awareness of children by discussing news and current affairs ▪ Increasing the General Knowledge quotient ▪ Vocabulary building ▪ Curiosity boosters, which encourage the children to understand the logic behind common and everyday phenomena ▪Quizzes and brainteasers ▪Helping children to build confidence and cope with stage fright


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