Smayan Sahni

Smayan Sahni

Public Speaking

Classes 8 - 12; College

1:1 Private Classes

Small Batches



Cool & Casual

Smayan is the youngest teacher at Openhouse and unsurprisingly a favorite amongst his students. In order to help students open up, he likes to approach them more as friends than students.

More activity less theory

One of the Smayan's trademark activities on his first day of class is to make students just scream/ shout for a minute so they can hear their own voice! He really believes that being confident is a skill that anyone can master and the best way to be on stage is just be yourself. You'll often hear him give the example that the brain is faster than the mouth and his job is to help you train your mouth to catch up!



Student at NYU Tish - Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

Smayan is only 19 years old and is pursuing his acting career in New York. However, he's on a sabbatical this year and his helping shape the public speaking program at Openhouse.

Young & Passionate teacher

Although this his first year teaching professionally, he's been in-charge of training his juniors in Doon School for the past 5 years for inter-school debate & drama competitions.

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