Subhashish Sir

Subhashish Sir


Class 9-12, JEE, SAT

Small Batches

Interactive Group Classes



Personal attention to the fullest

He pays careful attention to each student's needs, often giving them extra-time after class or make-up classes to ensure that no one is left behind. For a subject like Chemistry, students often feel scared looking at the never ending syllabus. He makes it a point to build a strong foundation - breaking down complex ideas into simple building blocks - and is still able to finish the syllabus by November end each year!

Practice makes a student perfect

One of Shubhashis sir's principles is that with enough practice any challenges can be overcome. After each topic, he makes his students take a 30 minute short test in class to see how they have understood the content. He analyzes the results to see where the students are falling short, and accordingly adapts his class to bridge the gap!


Here are some key features of Subhashish Sir's classes

Provides Notes
Checks Homework
Takes Regular Tests


Bsc & Msc in Chemistry from Calcutta University

12 years of teaching experience

It is hard to tell that Shubhashish sir has been teaching for 12 years, when he is only 32 years old! Most students treat him like a friend or an elder brother, as you'll always find sir smiling, both inside and outside the classroom.

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