Riddhiman Sir

Riddhiman Sir


ICSE 9-10, ISC 11-12

1:1 Private Classes

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Communication must be in the students' language

Riddhiman sir started teaching during his second year in college, and has been doing so for the past 8 years. Economics, for him, is a toolkit that helps explain every facet of our lives. Sir is obsessed about connecting the subject with our daily lives to help students understand and relate to concepts. He also loves to rope in the latest global developments into his class on this constantly evolving field of study.

Life first, Economics second

Sir is passionate about making his students free and independent thinkers. By teaching them to think for themselves, he aims to prepare them to tackle big questions outside the immediate subject matter he deals with.


Here are some key features of Riddhiman Sir's classes

Checks Homework
Takes Regular Tests


B.Sc (Honours) in Economics

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