Rajdeep Sir

Rajdeep Sir


Class 9-12, SAT, ACT

1:1 Private Classes

Small Batches

Interactive Group Classes


Make students confident, the Math will follow

Rajdeep sir believes that a large part of championing math in school is psychological. He often says that his primary role is to build confidence in the students that they can be good at the subject. This is why on the first day itself, he tries to identify where each student is lagging behind and adapts his classes accordingly.

Takes small steps rather than overwhelming students

Sir gives homeworks in increments. He first tries to make his students warm to the idea of regular practice. Once they become comfortable with a regular routine, he tries to challenge them with interesting problems to keep them engaged!


Here are some key features of Rajdeep Sir's classes

Checks Homework
Takes Regular Tests


Masters in Math & Computer Application from Calcutta University, Bachelor (Hons) in Math from St. Xaviers Kolkata

It is fair to say that Rajdeep sir might be one of the most qualified math teachers not just in our city but also in our country. A teacher by accident, he spent 3 years doing research on voice to text technology at ISI & interned at JNU!

Teaching for 11 years

He formally started teaching in 2007 upon the insistence of his favourite Economics teacher. However, he's been teaching for fun since his college days, where he'd help his peers stay up to speed!

High-school from Don Bosco Park Circus

He is a true Kolkatan at heart, having done his schooling from one of the best schools in the city

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