Pradhan Sir

Pradhan Sir

Computer Science

ICSE 8-10

Small Batches


Gives his 100% everyday

Pradhan sir is a symbol of a thorough professional. He is punctual, organized and kind. He conducts his classes by using a projector to show his programs live while also using the white board to explain concepts to his students.

Knows how to get results

Pradhan sir is famous in our city for being one of the few, if not the only, teacher whose majority of students score 100% in their board examination. Before every test in school, whether it be a unit test, half-yearly or final examinations, he makes it a point to call his students for testing followed by in-depth revision.


Here are some key features of Pradhan Sir's classes

Uses Visual Aids
Checks Homework
Takes Regular Tests


Over 20 years of teaching experience

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