Mohit Damani

Mohit Damani

CFA levels 1&2, 300+ hours lectures, 30+ tests

College and above

Small Batches


Engagement is everything

Students must understand the subject matter that they are exposed to. Simply reading or being exposed to the material is not enough. Mohit sir focuses on assessments that reveal a student's qualitative progress, and designs his classes to leave students with a meaningful understanding of the subject - through questions, discussions, and tests.

Identifying fundamental issues

Mohit sir records his classes, and goes over the material afterwards to gain insight into each student's difficulties and strengths. Upon doing so, he designs subsequent classes to address the issues that he finds. This way, he can keep track of the class' progress and curate discussion sessions which address students' questions in detail.


Here are some key features of Mohit Damani's classes

Provides Notes
Uses Visual Aids
Checks Homework
Takes Regular Tests



Diploma In Financial Decision making, Nse certified capital market professional, NCFM Level 4 certified. (Honours).

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