Ashutosh Poddar

Ashutosh Poddar

Tax for College

College 2nd & 3rd year

Small Batches



Breaks down complex ideas into simple ones

Ashutosh likes to start from ground up, helping students build a strong foundation in taxation. He also likes to explain the relevance of the subject in our daily lives, as many a times students view it as theoretical jargain but miss how ths can be valuable lifelong!

Focuses on understanding rather than memorizing

College students often shy away from the subject because they think of it as a black box with complex terminology. Ashutosh, being a young teacher himself, is able to explain the concepts in a relatable manner so that students actually understand what they are studying rather than just memorizing for the exams!


Here are some key features of Ashutosh Poddar's classes

Provides Notes
Conducts Doubt Clearing Sessions


B.Com (H) from Shri Ram College of Commerce

Scored 100% in tax in college & the only merit scholar in his year, Ashutosh is 24 yrs old but already the CFO of a leading real-estate company in Kolkata

Young & Passionate teacher

This is Ashutosh's first year teaching formally. However, prior to this he's been helping his college friends from his days in SRCC. The experience he lacks in years, is made up two times over in his passion for the subject and his love for teaching!

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