Workshop on Nature and Life

by Kalyan
Time: 29th Dec: 8:30 am - 7 pm
Fees: Rs 2000

If you understand or wish to understand...

- What is the nature of Nature & the nature of Life?
- How are we programmed to be healthy?
- Why do we fall sick?      
- What are the 10 factors of health?
- How effortless & easy it is to opt a nature synced lifestyle!

Then, This Workshop on Nature&Life for YOU

Venue: Open House, Salt Lake, Kolkata 

On: 29 December, Sunday.
8.30am to 7pm (with all meals)

Facilitator: Kalyan

Organising Partner: Meenu 


7th Floor TATA Consulting Engineers Building, JC 30/A Block, Sector III, Salt Lake