How to raise happy children!

Time: Sunday 13th Jan, 5 to 6:30pm
Age: Moms & Dads
Fees: Rs. 1000

Workshop for parents - (mums n dads) on how best to raise happy children :)

Based on psychological research this workshop will equip you with insights to:

1. Nurture a meaningful self esteem and confidence in your child
2. How to encourage your child through failure and success
3. How to have difficult conversations with your child such as on bullying 
4. How to create a focus on positive psychology for your child in often challenging external environments.

About the organizer

Dr. Virmani was awarded a PhD from the University of Bristol, UK. She is a TED Speaker and has given talks on topics ranging from globalisation; political economy; entrepreneurship; women’s rights and the non-profit sector to psychology and motivation in various countries including India, China, the USA, the UK, Ireland, India, Austria and Puerto Rico. As a Political and Economic Analyst Dr. Virmani contributes regularly to BBC Radio and writes for publications across the globe including The Guardian, London and The New Statesman, London. She has been a panellist on television channels including the Indian channels NDTV and India Today. She is the Founder and Director of Paint Our World, a humanitarian art project that empowers and rehabilitates underserved children who have endured unimaginable trauma As a mentor she has worked with corporates and individuals empowering them to define and realise their goals.

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7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road