Teen Mentoring Programme

by Madiha Ahmed
Time: Starting 12th April (Friday, 6:00pm - 8:00pm)
Age: Classes 7 - 9
Fees: Rs. 15,000/ annum

In this customised THOUGHT WEAVERS HUB Teen Mentoring Programme with only 8-10 teens, your teenager will be developing, learning and practising the following:

-Critical thinking skills 
-Developing and expressing opinions and a curious mind 
-Art of questioning and feedback 
-Presentation of thoughts and ideas
-Different forms of communication required in school and colleges to build confidence
-Dealing with unforeseen communication situations in public or private
-Ways to develop a balance between feelings and logic in communication as well as between the human touch and technology
-Learning about the core of communication as well as non verbal communication to convey their message more effectively
-Authentic expression of self and connecting with themselves and their audience 
-Ways to build meaningful relationships while being able to share their point and also be willing to learn, explore and challenge their own selves and others

Course fee for 12 sessions over 12 months (2 hours each): 

Option 1:
15,000 INR 
(paid in two installments, first being 10,000 INR by 8th April and second being 5,000 INR by 2nd October)

Option 2:
14,000 INR 
(discounted rate, for one time full payment by 8th April)

To register or for more details please contact Madiha at +91 9674673352. 

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road