Thought Weavers Hub(Class 7 & 8)

by Madiha Ahmed
Time: 13th - 16th May, 1pm - 2:30pm
Age: Classes 7 & 8
Fees: Rs. 3300

Dear Parents,

Thought Weavers Hub by Madiha Ahmed ( in association with Word Munchers led by Richa Wahi ( is organising a 4-day Lincoln Douglas DEBATE WORKSHOP on *May 13/14/15/16.

Further details of the workshop are mentioned in the poster attached. 

Students of classes 3-4,  5-6 and 7-8 will be taught about the debate format of Lincoln Douglas style.

It is sometimes also called values debate because the format traditionally places a heavy emphasis on logic, ethical values, and philosophy (also called as logos, ethos and pathos). The Lincoln–Douglas Debate format is named for the 1858 Lincoln–Douglas Debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas.

To register, call Madiha at 9674673352 by 10th May. 

Fee must be paid at Openhouse Theatre Road by 10th May. 

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Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road