Roy Sir's Accounts Mocks

Time: Weekdays at noon starting Winter Break
Age: Class 12 students of all ISC schools
Fees: Rs. 500 per mock or Rs. 3000 for all 6 together
Roy sir has a record that for 7 years his students have topped school examinations of either Don Bosco, LMB & LMG! Every year, starting December sir holds mock tests + revision classes for class 12 students to help them get ready for the ISC.

This year, sir will be holding his mock tests & revision classes at Openhouse. Here is his tentative schedule: 

  1. Wednesday 19th Dec: 12pm to 2pm - Mock test 1
  2. Wednesday 26th Dec: 12pm to 2pm - Mock test 2
  3. Wednesday 2nd Jan: 12pm to 2pm - Mock test 3
  4. Wednesday 9th Jan: 12pm to 2pm - Mock test 4 
  5. Wednesday 16th Jan: 12pm to 2pm - Mock test 5 
  6. Wednesday 23rd Jan: 12pm to 2pm - Mock test 6 

After each mock, sir will be checking the papers and holding doubt clearing sessions to help students understand where they are falling short and how they can improve leading up to the ISC exams. In case, you have any conceptual doubts in a topic or you need a full revision of the syllabus, Roy sir's mocks will help you clarify all your doubts. 

Roy sir is extremely approachable, as many of you know, so in case of any questions, or if some dates don't work for you, need not worry, he'll help find a solution :) 

About the organizer

A Bachelor and Master in Commerce, Roy sir has been teaching Accounts for over 20 years, and is a master of his subject. Students often say that he has an ability to identify in a matter of minutes where the student is falling short! Accordingly, he helps them navigate from the ground up so that they can be prepared in Accounts not just for the exams but for life!

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road