Math Mock Tests for Class 12

by Rajdeep Sir
Time: Every Saturday from Dec. 15th
Age: Class 10 & 12 students of all ICSE & ISC schools
Fees: Rs. 5000 for 10 mocks or Rs. 500 per mock
Rajdeep sir believes that a large part of championing math in school is psychological. He often says that his primary role is to build confidence in the students so that they can be good at the subject. This is why on the first day itself, he tries to identify where each student is lagging behind and tries to tackle each one differently. Sir gives homework in increments. He first tries to make his students warm to the idea of regular practice. Once they become comfortable with a regular routine, he tries to challenge them with interesting problems to keep them engaged! This year, sir will be holding his mocks tests for class 12 & 10 students at Openhouse. Sir prepares mocks keeping in mind the pattern from the previous years, and he tries to familiarize students with the board questioning and answering style. After each mock, sir will be having a review session so students can get all their doubts cleared. Most importantly, by hearing each others doubts, questions and approaches, students learn a lot from their peers to during these mock classes.

Here is sir's schedule for this year for both class 12 & 10: 

  1. Saturday Dec. 15th: Full-syllabus mock test 1 & doubt clearing next day (Sunday)
  2. Saturday Dec. 22nd: Full-syllabus mock test 2 & doubt clearing next day (Sunday)
  3. Saturday Dec. 29th: Full-syllabus mock test 3 & doubt clearing next day (Sunday)
  4. Saturday Jan 5th: Full-syllabus mock test 4 & doubt clearing next day (Sunday)
  5. Saturday Jan. 12th: Full-syllabus mock test 5 & doubt clearing next day (Sunday)
  6. Saturday Jan. 19th: Full-syllabus mock test 6 & doubt clearing next day (Sunday)
  7. Wed Jan. 23th: Full-syllabus mock test 7 & doubt clearing next day (Thursday)
  8. Tuesday Feb. 5th: Full-syllabus mock test 8 & doubt clearing next day  (option to give the exam on 12th Feb)
  9. Friday Feb. 8th: Full-syllabus mock test 9 & doubt clearing next day
  10. Saturday March 3rd: Full-syllabus mock test 10 & doubt clearing next day 


Timings for mocks will from 11am to 2pm each day and doubt clearing session will be the following day from 12 noon to 2pm. 

If you have any questions, or would like help chapter-wise as well, please feel free to call him or Openhouse and we'll find a solution for you :) 

About the organizer

It is fair to say that Rajdeep sir might be one of the most qualified math teachers not just in our city but also in our country. A teacher by accident, he spent 3 years doing research on voice to text technology at ISI & interned at JNU! He formally started teaching in 2007 upon the insistence of his favourite Economics teacher. However, he's been teaching for fun since his college days, where he'd help his peers stay up to speed!

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