Public Speaking & Communications

Time: 19th & 20th October, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Age: 12 years and above
Fees: Rs. 2000
Ssup "Dreamers who Do" ? "Theoretical Knowledge not coupled with effective communication skills is of no use." Particularly in India, what we observe is that our youth feels coy in expressing their beliefs and thoughts because of which they are not able to reach their goals and milestones and feel depressed and left out in turn. But is their a way out of this ? There definitely is and here's your opportunity to come out of this fear and dare to deliver. (Early Bird i.e. Rs. 1899 per head till 14th October) Don't wait because such opportunities if missed, will be forever regretted.

About the organizer

Naman Dalmia A student of St. Xaviers College Kolkata, Naman, has participated in several debates, elocutions and other public speaking and communication events in the past 4 years and conducted a successful workshop on effective communication skills last year. He is co-founder of "Ghar Ki Thaali" which has 1700+customers and his "Nd's How to Secure Hundred", has 50+ students, with a viewer base of videos of over 2000+ people.

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7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road