Productivity Ninja

Time: 2nd August, 9:30am - 1:30pm
Age: Adults
Fees: Rs. 1500

A Productivity Ninja is not only calm and well prepared but also skilled and ruthless in dealing with the enemies of productivity and well being. In this workshop, inspired by Graham Allcott’s book of the same name, we shall share the 9 characteristics of a Productivity Ninja and help you identify ways you can implement them.

What will you learn and discover?
 How to be a Productivity Ninja? – The 9 Characteristics
 Getting your Inbox to zero – Practical and Effective
 Email Etiquette – Improve Email Culture
 Making Meetings Magic – Enhancing productivity in meetings.
 Stress Less, Achieve More – Strategies and Tools
 Enhancing Team Productivity – Making a team work brilliantly
 Develop an appropriate work/life balance

Training Methodology -
 Individual Action Planning
 Pair work and facilitated group discussions
 Sharing of practical tools to boost productivity, reduce your stress
levels and ultimately make things happen in your work and life.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone whose role involves independent decision making and organizing a lot of information into meaningful results right from being a member of the senior team to entry level roles. If you are responsible for juggling your own projects and priorities, this session is for you.


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  • PayTM
  • Bank Transfer

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About the organizer

Tumpa has over 18 years of training experience and has delivered workshops for organizations like ITC, Exide, CESC, Tata Hitachi, Apeejay and others in India and East Asia.

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