Computer Mock Tests for Class 10

Time: Sunday 2nd December, 12:30pm
Age: Class 10 students of all ICSE schools
Fees: Rs. 3000
Pradhan Sir will be holding a series of 5 mock tests from December to February for Class 10 students to help them get ready for ICSE. Each of his tests come along with a doubt clearing session & answer explanations so that students can get all their questions answered. He will be conducting his mock tests at Openhouse this year starting on 2nd December at 12:30pm. Sir likes to check the answer scripts himself to see where the student is going wrong and whether he/she is including the key phrases in each answer that help score in the boards. After each mock, sir spends 2 hours discussing the answers from the previous mock + clears doubt from the papers so that students know where they went wrong and how they can improve. Here are the planned dates: - 2nd December: Mock Test 1 - 24th December: Mock Test 2 + Answer explanation for Mock test 1 & Doubt Clearing - 4th January: Mock Test 3 & Answer explanation for Mock test 2 & Doubt Clearing - 29th January: Mock Test 4 & Answer explanation for Mock test 3 & Doubt Clearing - 7th February: Mock Test 5 & Answer explanation for Mock test 4 & Doubt Clearing - 12th February: Answer explanations for Final Mock test 5

About the organizer

Pradhan Sir is one of Kolkata's most popular but also hard working Computer Science teachers. He makes it a point that each one of his students walks into the exam fully prepared - which why a majority of his students score 100% If you are looking for mock tests and revision in other classes before ICSE, please call Openhouse and we'll love to help you.

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


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