Power of Stories

Time: 17th Feb, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Fees: Rs. 1500/-

Demystify why storytelling is 'THE' 21st Century skill necessary for every Corporate and Business. Be it sales, be it the HR - what connects it all is people. Story is the strongest thread between all these people who are our stakeholders. By effectively practicing the art of storytelling, everyone can become effective and engaging communicators.

About the organizer

Vikram Sridhar : Sitting behind temple elephants , nursing wounded puppies , working with various theatre groups , Vikram today combines his various interests and work over years in his Storytelling journey . Through folktales he is trying to discover our rich heritage of an Oral literature and tradition which is slowly being lost and just sitting in books . He believes in storytelling as a strong medium of conservation from nature to human relationships . And strongly believes A STORY A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY .... NOT AN APPLE A TEDx speaker , Vikram has spoken and performed in multiple prestigious conferences and workshops on the power of Stories in our lives . Like in the movie TAMASHA he slowly moved away from his corporate career to being a full time artist in pursuit of reviving an art that is slowing fading away . An engineer and management graduate by degree from institutes like the IIT, Vikram has worked in in the consulting and marketing domain with global giants like IBM and SAP. Priyanka Chatterjee: Priyanka left the corporate world to become an International Storyteller, Theatre Practitioner, Clown and Art Explorer from India. She is a graduate from International Institute of Storytelling, Emerson College, UK and an MBA (Gold Medallist). She has been featured international literary and story-telling festivals in Korea, UK, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore and Borneo. To date she has worked with 25000+ children and 1500+ adults to use storytelling and dramatization techniques. Priyanka has also performed in various events and plays and at prestigious spaces both nationally and internationally. She takes interest in recording and documenting storytelling practices and respective personal and communal narratives of the performing communities and in contemporizing those art forms, as many of these age-old traditions are on the verge of extinction. She is now devoted to creating a safe and respected space for storytelling as an art form in India and, in turn, to help people understand the power of storytelling, in their everyday lives and for greater goals.

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