Once Upon A Time

Time: 24th August, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Age: 9-12
Fees: Rs. 250
Walt Disney once said " Our greatest natural resource is the mind of our children. " Once upon a time is a platform designed by young entrepreneurs with a passion to grow and think hand in hand with were their peers.... It is a journey of discovery as they explore new facets. As an organisation of 5 young adults, they have a pouncing spirit. All of them have one thing in common - creativity and the ability to work independently. Come, be a part of their wondrous journey. On the 24th of August, we present to you a workshop with Mr. Balaji Venkataramanan who is the author of the book 'pops', as an opportunity for bidding writers to learn about the tricks and tips for writing. We are holding a a one hour interactive session with the author where they are free to put up their queries to enhance their writings skills. The session will be followed by discussions among the participants about their genres of interest in the literary field.

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road