MERN Stack Crash Course

by Som Sankar Naskar
Time: 2nd & 3rd March, 11am-5pm
Age: Beginners, with some programming exposure
Fees: Rs. 1500

MERN Crash Course Designed for beginnners - professionals.

You might have heard about MEAN stack. But globally a new stack is emerging rapidly. It’s M.E.R.N. which is same as MongoDB, Express and Node.js but with React.js instead of Angular.js.

It's time to shift from php to Node! The use of php is decreasing and node is increasing day by day.

This workshop is for beginners, with a little exposure of programming. It is also for working professionals, who want to learn MERN at a fast pace. The organisers will provide recordings of the workshop so that you can practice at home.

The Syllabus

Foundation Day - Day 1

Module 1

  • Understanding Full Stack Development
  • Why it's different from traditional web development

Module 2

  • Introduction to React
  • Introduction to JSX
  • React Js components
  • Redux
  • React State Management
  • Handling Restful API using React

Module 3

  • Introduction to NoSQL DB - MongoDB
  • MongoDB queries
  • Mongoose Js

Full Stack Day - Day 2

Module 1

  • Introduction to Node and Express Js
  • Mangoose Js with Express Js
  • Creating Restfull APIs

Module 2

  • Creating a Full Stack Development Sample Project
  • Uploading full-stack App to Heroku


About the organizer

Som Sankar Naskar, CEO of Sodiarc Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a budding young entrepreneur of the city. He is very passionate about teaching. With more than 6 years of experience in Software development, he can make every complex topic easy and digestive for students. He started his career at the age of 15. Now, he is working on latest web technologies such as MERN. He also has a free initiative for students who are keen to learn programming, but can't afford expensive courses.

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7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road