Friday-Sat Dec. 21st – 22nd, 3pm to 4.30 pm

The Art of Mathematical Problem Solving

“Problem solving is an important way of learning, because it motivates children to connect previous knowledge with new situations and to develop flexibility and creativity in the process.”

Young children are natural problem setters and solvers: that is how they learn. This workshop will teach ways to develop children’s mathematical problem solving strategies with confidence. It will take them through the stages of problem solving include ‘getting started’, ‘working on the problem’, ‘digging deeper’ and ‘concluding’. 
Children will get opportunities to explore a variety of mathematical word problems and devise systematic ways of solving them.

Training Methodology:

  1. Demonstration
  2. Hands-on activity
  3. Pair work and group discussion
  4. Individual work

You can register directly on the website or you can call us at Openhouse if you have any questions about the class or registration :) 

About the organizer

Farah Farooque, has an illustrious background in teaching. Having worked as a teacher for close to a decade in international schools (IB and IGCSE) in different Indian cities, Farah is experienced in using the IB curriculum and teaching methodologies. She has exceptional classroom management skills and is devoted to the total development of children. She has also worked as an educational consultant with organizations that provide out-of-the box educational services and authored several children’s picture books. Farah has been associated with the British Council as a resource person. Farah holds a Masters in Education, a Cambridge diploma and is a certified IB teacher.

Ages: Ages 6-8

Cost: Rs. 1600

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