KP Sir's Mocks

Time: 19th December: 3-5pm
Age: Class 10 & 12 students of all ICSE & ISC schools
Fees: Rs. 1000 per subject for all mocks
This year, KP sir will be holding his mock tests for Math, Physics and Chemistry for class 10 at Openhouse. For each of the mocks, the timing will be from 3-5pm on the day mentioned. Here is sir's schedule for each subject: ICSE Math: 1. 19th December 2018 - Banking, Shares and Dividends, Mensuration ( Cylinder, Cone, Sphere) , Trigonometry including Height and Distance 2. 22nd December 2018 - Co-ordinate Geometry ( Reflection, Section and mid-point formula, Equations of lines,) , Statistics and Probability 3. 27th December 2018 – Loci, Circles, Tangents and Intersecting chords, Construction 4. 2nd January 2019 – Similarity, A.P. , G.P, Matrices 5. 5th January 2019 – Linear Inequation, Quadratic Equation including problem sums, Ratio and Proportion, Remainder Factory Theorem 6. 8th January 2019 – Math whole syllabus ( standard level,) 7. 11th January 2019 – Math whole syllabus ( advance level) 8. Remaining three tests will be held just befor ICSE , purely based on ICSE pattern. ICSE Physics: 1. 20th Dec. 2018 –i) Force ii) Work, power and Energy iii) Machines 2. 24th Dec. 2018 – all chapters of light 3. 28th Dec. 2018 – i) Electricity ii) House Hold Circuit iii) Electro-magnetism 4. 3rd Jan. 2019 – i) Sound ii) Calorimetry ii) Radioactivity 5. 6th Jan 2019 – Physics whole syllabus ( level Standard) 6. 9th Jan 2019 – Physics whole syllabus ( level advanced) 7. Remaining three tests will be held just befor ICSE and it will be truly based on ICSE pattern. ICSE Chemistry: 1. 21st Dec. 2018 - Hydrogen Chloridde , Acids, Bases and Salts, Analytical Chemistry- Use of Ammonium and Sodium Hydroxide, Periodic Table 2. 26th Dec. 2018 - Sulphuric acid, Nitric Acid, Chemical bonding, Mole concept and Stoichiometry 3. 29th Dec. 2018- Electrolysis, Metallurgy, Ammonia, 4. 4th Jan.2019 - Organic Chemistry 5. 7th Jan 2019 - whole syllabus 6. 10th Jan. 2019 - whole syllabus 7. Remaining three tests will be held just befor ICSE and it will be truly based on ICSE pattern ISC Math: 1. 27th Dec. 2018 - Relations and Functions , Inverse Trigonometric Functions , Matrices and whole Section C ( Application of Calculus in Commerce and Economics, Linear Regression, Linear Programming) 2. 2nd Jan. 2019 - Determinants, Continuity and Differentiability, Indeterminate Forms, Applications of Derivatives 3. 5th Jan. 2019 - Integrals, Differential Equations, Probability 4. 8th Jan. 2019 - whole Syllabus 5. 11th Jan. 2019 - whole syllabus 6. And three more test will be held just before ISC exam. It will be purely based on the ISC pattern. The timing will be from 3-5pm for each mock.

About the organizer

KP sir is one of Kolkata's most reputed Mathematics teachers. He's been teaching for over 15 years, and has a lot of experience with the ICSE & ISC board. His known among his students for taking a very practical approach to problems, and helps students understand the hardest concepts in easy ways so they can tackle any challenge in the examinations.

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