Introduction to Graphology

Time: Sun 2nd June, 12-5pm
Age: 16+
Fees: Rs. 1000
The way one writes can reveal more than 5000 personality traits. Learning about handwriting can give you clues into the true personalities of your family, friends and coworkers. Your handwriting style is a physical expression of your internal world, so knowing the basics about handwriting analysis can give you more insight into who you are. Attend this workshop to rediscover yourself!

About the organizer

Graphology is the science of understanding the human subconscious mind through handwriting and doodling. As an experienced handwriting analyst, Suchi Sikaria has a deeper understanding of a person's mindset and individuality. With this session she hopes that the participants learn more about self discovery, realize their intellectual level and grow as a person.

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7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road