International Olympiad Exams

Time: 5th, 21st November & 17th December
Age: Students
Fees: Rs. 125 exam fee + Rs. 375 centre fee

The key to having a large, exclusive scientific and IT talent pool for the future is seeking out, identifying young geniuses and providing them with a unique competitive platform where they can prove themselves. 

To further this cause the Science Olympiad Foundation endeavors to identify and nurture future scientists, technologists, IT and other professional talent at school level and encourage students' participation in national/international competitions/ programs/events.

We will be hosting these exams this year at Openhouse, Salt Lake on the following dates -

  • International English Olympiad, 5th November
  • National Science Olympiad, 21st November
  • International Math Olympiad, 17th December


Register your child at this link and infuse some healthy competitive spirit in them - click here

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


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