English Mocks for ICSE

by Priya Doshi Saha Ma'am
Time: Starting 5th December 5pm
Age: Class 10 & 12 students of all ICSE & ISC schools
Fees: Rs. 500/ mock or Rs. 1500 for 3 mocks & doubt clearing sessions
Priya Ma'am will be holding English mocks for ICSE & ISC at Openhouse this year from December to February. After each mock, she'll check the papers and hold a doubt clearing session to ensure that students can review their mistakes & get a sense for model answers. In total, Ma'am recommends 3 mocks to prepare for Literature and at least 1 mock for Language. Students should take at least one mock before rehearsals.

Here's the schedule for the English mocks for both ICSE & ISC: 

  1. Full-syllabus literature mock 1:
    Wednesday, 5th December  5-7pm
  2. Full-syllabus literature mock 1 (option 2):
    Saturday, 29th December  11- 1pm
  3. Full-syllabus mock 2:
    Saturday, 2nd Feb. 11-1pm
  4. Full-syllabus mock 3:
    Saturday, 9th Feb. 11-1pm
  5. Language mock:
    1st Feb 5-7pm
    or you can be given on any day/time of your choice

Each mock will come with a review session so it'll help the students revise all chapters as well. If you need help with any particular poems or prose, please let us know and we'll ask Ma'am to find time if possible :) 

About the organizer

Priya Doshi is known amongst all her students as a warm, friendly and reliable teacher! She has a holistic approach to teaching where she tries to make students feel comfortable with the subject & encourages active participation!

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


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