Empowered Teens

Time: (24th - 31st May) MWF, Noon - 2:00pm
Age: Ages 15 +
Fees: Rs. 4000
Adolescence is the time which is crucial for the overall development of a person, both mentally and physically. In this ever-changing phase, emotional intelligence (EI) is a stronger pillar to support empowerment and stability than academic intelligence alone. This one week workshop is a combination of innovative games, activities and interactive sessions to provide tools to help our young adults enhance their emotional quotient and channel these strong energies in the right direction. The course covers topics such as: Self-awareness | Empowered thinking and decision making | Anger and conflict management | Recognition of one’s emotional bully and stress triggers | Empathy | Active listening | Developing enriching relationships | Personalised strategising This summer, lets talk beyond IQ!

About the organizer

Vishakha Agarwal, is skilled in analysing and explaining emotions in today’s ever-changing environment. She received her training in Leadership and Relationship Management under Mr. Robert Weisz in France. Vishakha holds a dual degree from EDHEC Business School, Nice. With this vast experience gained through professional and academic know-how from different parts of India and Europe, she has captured the study of emotions in practical formats to now help others.

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7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road