Curious Minds Winter Camp

by Sonali Nahata Ma'am
Time: Starting Monday 17th Dec. 11am
Fees: Rs. 2500 for the full camp or Rs. 600/ class

Sonali Nahata of Curious Minds will ensure your children's winter vacations are full of knowledge and fun! 

Here's a 5 day camp from 17th - 21st Decemeber, everyday from 11am-1pm at Openhouse for ages 8-12 years. 

17th December – MAJOR EVENTS OF 2018

As the year 2018 comes to an end, let’s recapitulate the most important events and news of the year gone by!
Who were the newsmakers?
Which events shook the world?
Who made our country proud?
Know all the news that made an impact with images and videos and be aware and informed like never before!!

The world has not been the same because of some influential leaders. They changed the world (for better or worse) and made an impact!
Why do people love Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela?
How could Adolf Hitler convince ordinary people to commit atrocities in the Holocaust?
Why is Abraham Lincoln one of the most loved American Presidents?


Are you correctly pronouncing simple words like dengue, pizza and vehicle?
Is it occasion or occassion ? 
Is it achieve or acheive? 
Does global warming affect us or effect us? 

Let's discover the most common errors we make in spoken and written English! 
Curious Minds comes up with a workshop where we work on and correct the most common grammatical and pronunciation errors. We will also discuss the most commonly confused words and spellings!


Which is the most common non contagious disease in the world? 
Which is the only continent that has no volcanoes? 
Which political leader served as both the President and Prime Minister of his country? 
The longest river is the Nile, but which is the shortest river?
Which animal has 11 brains? 
Which country has the most powerful military in the world? 
Which body part of human beings heals the quickest?

We present more than 100 most important and relevant general knowledge questions which deal with varied aspects like politics, sports, movies, animal and plant kingdom, monuments and structures etc. 

21st December – KNOW YOURSELF 

Our human body is a wonderland… one complex and mysterious mechanism! There is so much about our own bodies that we don't know. Let's try and understand the human body a little better! 

How does our sense of smell work? 
Which is the only human body part that doesn't get any blood supply? 
Why do we blink? 
Why do we get tears in our eyes when we yawn? 
Why is our left lung smaller than our right lung? 
Why do women's hearts beat faster than men's hearts? 
How do different people have different eye and hair colour? 
What happens to your body when you are dreaming?

You can register at this link or call Sonali Nahata directly at 9831056769 

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7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road