Computer Mocks by Dhritiman Sir

by Dhritiman Sengupta Sir
Time: Starting 23rd December, 3-6pm
Age: Class 10 & 12 students of all ICSE & ISC schools
Fees: ISC: Rs. 2000 for all 4 mocks; ICSE: Rs. 1500 for 3 mocks & doubt clearing session; Individual mocks at Rs. 500
Dhritiman sir will be holding computer mocks for his students at Openhouse this year. Computer Science is very similar to Math in classes 10 & 12, where with enough practice students can perform very well in the board exams. For the class 12s, sir holds a practical mock test where each students brings a laptop, and does a live test in the time constraints!

Here is sir's schedule for ISC students: 

  1. Mock test 1 (Practical, 30 marks): 
    23rd Decemeber from 3- 6pm 
  2. Mock test 2 (Theory, 70 marks): 
    4th January, Friday from 3-6pm 
  3. Mock test 3 (Practical, 30 marks) 
    6th January, Sunday from 3-6pm 
    + doubt clearing session 
  4. Mock test 4 (Theory, 70 marks) 
    2nd February, Saturday from 11-2pm 

Here is sir's schedule for ICSE students: 

  1. Mock test 1 
    20th Decemeber, Thursday 5-7pm
  2. Mock test 2 
    5th January, Saturday 4-6pm
    + doubt clearing session 
  3. Doubt clearing session for all topics & Mock 2 
    12th January, Saturday 6:30-8:30pm 
  4. Mock test 3 
    15th March, Friday 5-7pm 
    + doubt clearing session

In case these times don't work for you because of your rehearsal, please let us know and Dhritiman sir will try to accomodate. If you have doubts or need in-depth revision on a particular topic, please let us know and we'll set up a class for you. 

About the organizer

A PGDCA and MSC Computer Science, Dhritiman sir has been teaching Computer Science for over 12 years now. He enjoys teaching the subject, and feels even though he's a teacher, he learns something new everyday in this ever-evolving field. Sir is extremely patient with his students and doesn't follow any particular teaching style. He believes in giving short assignments after each concept to help students learn in steps rather than last minute studying!

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


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