Biology Mock Test

Time: Sunday 23rd December at 11am
Age: Class 10 & 12 students
Fees: Rs. 1500 for 3 mocks & doubt clearing sessions
KD sir will be holding mock tests followed by doubt clearing sessions for students appearing for the ICSE & ISC examinations. He is known for bringing life into the subject and is the reason why many students continue to pursue Biology after class 10. During his doubt clearing sessions, he'll cover important diagrams & explain concepts so students have a strong base rather than just memorizing before the exams.

Here is sir's schedule for mocks for both class 10 & class 12 students: 

  1. Sunday 23rd December: Full syllabus mock test 1 
  2. Sunday 20th January: Full syllabus mock test 2 
  3. Sunday 3rd February: Full syllabus mock test 3 
  4. Full syllabus 4th mock test is optional, only if a student really needs it 

Each mock will be followed by a review session after 3/4 days, based on a time that works best for the students. If anybody has conceptual doubts on particular chapters or topics, KD sir can help students after the rehearsal examinations. In case the times don't work for you, please call us and we'll try to accomodate you :)  

About the organizer

A Msc in Marine Biology, Biotechnology, Zoology with a specialization in Biochemistry, KD sir is one of the most learned Biology teachers we have in our city. He's been teaching for 21 years, and he still teaches with the same passion as he did on his first day!

Registration Closed As Event Has Been Already Conducted


7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road