6th Jan 2019, Sunday, 10am - 5pm

Android App Development Workshop

Android is too easy, you can learn & create a game in One Day of Training!

Is it possible to learn in 1 Day?  

Of course! With a good teacher, and a great syllabus. You will learn enough to launch your own live apps in the Google Play Store.

You will be taught, explained all the topics in good details and coding will be done in front of you so that you understand well. Next, you will be provided with an android resource library from us, several step by step projects, each explaining the topics of Android taught in the workshop. You will also receive full source code of complete projects. You can use these at home for revision and further studies.


Module 1

  1. The future of everything, Understanding Android
  2. Understanding Android Architecture, Android Runtime
  3. Understanding sensors and other hardware
  4. Java for Android
  5. Installation, Setting up emulators and environment
  6. Your first ever Android App
  7. Understanding project structure
  8. Android Terminologies - Intents, Broadcast Receivers, Service and others
  9. Activity Lifecycle

Module 2

  1. Creating of a complete app: Weather Forecast App
  2. Security in Android App, Manifest and Gradle
  3. Runtime permissions for sensitive data
  4. Working with different resources, views and xml
  5. The Android Assistant App(Like Siri, Google Assistant)
  6. Saving data with SharedPreferences and SQLite
  7. Canvas programming - Introduction to Android Gaming
  8. A complete android game
  9. Summary of the workshop, QnA and Learning Further

About the organizer

Som Sankar Naskar, a young entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Sodiarc Technologies Pvt. Ltd with more than 6 years of experience in teaching as well as Software development. He started his career at the age of 15. Now, he is working on latest technologies. He has a free initiative for students who are struggling to learn programming. He can make every complex topic easy and digestive for you.

Ages: College Students, Working Professionals

Cost: Rs. 900

7th Floor, The AC Market,
1 Shakespeare Sarani

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