Secrets for Youthful Living

Time: 3rd March, 2:00pm onwards
Fees: Rs. 300

Eating right , exercising, meditating , yoga , and one huge aspect that is being over looked is using the right products for our day to day beauty necessities.....

The 90 minute workshop will help you to know -

- The chemicals and components of the products, be it shampooing or a face masque.
- How to replace these chemical laden things with magical home remedies .
- Oil pulling therapy 
- Reflexology face lift massage & yoga for beauty

- 8 aroma oils and their usage for every day wellness and beauty

So, let us embark a journey to beautify and explore Ancient Secrets to Living Youth, Sensual and Fit with Dr.Ekta Bagaria.

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Chagres for the seminar is Rs 300 only.

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