About us
At Openhouse - we think of educators as entrepreneurs. Just like any entrepreneur, they also need to keep improving their business & service with time. We support educators with shared spaces, marketing & technology to make their lives easier. This way, they focus on what they do best - teach! The shared economy has revolutionized transportation (Uber, Ola), workplaces (WeWork) and travel (Airbnb, OYO). We believe that it can be equally impactful in the world of education! Our mission is to inspire people to open their minds! We encourage them to chase new dreams, discover new paths and create new hobbies for the 21st century. For parents & students, Openhouse is where they can learn everything under one roof - from chemistry to creative writing, math to meditation, dance to yoga, physics to public speaking, book reading to robotics, college to career counseling and the list goes on. We are a team of Stanford & IIT grads who've worked in Silicon Valley and in India at companies such as TrueCaller, Microsoft Research, Reliance Jio, Jabong Labs, Milaap and SAIF Partners. We believe in creating an awesome work culture & hope to inculcate some of the best practices we’ve learnt over the years. We started our journey last year in Kolkata (India’s education capital). In 10 months, 100+ educators & 3000+ students have decided to grow with Openhouse. Now, we’re looking to build a rockstar team to help us grow!
Job Openings
Here are some of the roles for which we are hiring presently. Reach out to us at yash@openhouse.study if any of these roles excite you. In case you don’t fit into any role, but you’d like to create one for yourself, we are open minded!
Community Head
You will play an instrumental role in defining the culture of our next space & making it a community that educators, students & parents can call home! A space is as good as the people that reside in it, and your energy will set the stage for everyone else there. We are looking for someone who can:
  • Build relationships with educators & students, understand their daily needs & figure out how we can help them best
  • Communicate our vision with new parents & educators who visit us
  • Ensure that our educators’ logistical hassles are taken care
  • Be the link between the space and the Openhouse team in terms of how we can constantly keep improving ourselves
Ideal Candidate: You must be an effective communicator, have a friendly demeanor & strong organizational skills. You must be excited about building an open culture between students and educators at openhouse. Minimum experience: At least 2 years of work experience post college or persuasive enough to convince us that you’re fit for this role!
Software & Data Engineer
Part of our offering to educators is providing them with robust technology solutions to make their classes more meaningful and engaging. We are building tech to introduce content and assessment tools inside the classroom. Think process automation, recommender systems, streamlines communication systems, data infrastructure, and AI. We have a strong engineering culture that focusses on developing fast, user-centric, and intuitive products. We won’t evaluate you based on years of experience, but rather on your ability and willingness to pick things up on the fly. Openhouse is all about “learning”, and that attitude starts with our team. We are now looking for the someone who:
  • has designed, built, deployed, and maintained Mobile Apps (Android + IOS)
  • is comfortable with React Native
  • can work across the stack, and has experience in building and using APIs
  • is obsessed with code quality
  • wants to build end-to-end solutions from problem to product
  • grows into a Head of Product/Chief Data Science role
  • is a driver rather than a passenger
Sales & Marketing Intern
You will work directly with one of our co-founders in helping design & execute the marketing strategy for Openhouse. Change is never easy, especially when it comes to convincing people to change the way they learn. You will be an evangelist of Openhouse, helping spread our mission across the city. We’re looking for someone who is:
  • Curious about learning the ins & outs of online and offline marketing
  • Responsible enough to handle multiple college & student ambassadors
  • Not shy to speak in front of large audiences of students or parents
  • Flexible - there may be days you have to go scout billboards, talk to cafes or other physical spaces for partnering with us
  • Good at writing to help create marketing content
  • Most importantly, believes in the Openhouse philosophy that learning can be made community driven
Ideal Candidate: You should currently be in college, perhaps working in a leadership position at a student group or have equivalent experiences in terms of responsibilities. Upward Mobility: If you enjoy your internship at Openhouse and are able to drive results, we’d love for you to grow to become our Sales & Marketing Manager